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To order a professional, simply sign up to the service, select a date, city, and photoshoot category. If you find a suitable professional you can safely execute the order.
Service does not take any commission from users for booking the professionals.
We send notification about booking to the photographer immediately after you perform the booking. Speed of response depends only on the reaction rate of a particular professional. When you search, consider the date when you want the order to be performed.
When you will submit the order you will only have to wait for an answer from a professional. He will respond in Framewhere chat and we will notify you immediately via e-mail specified in your Profile. You can check your messages here by selecting the proper booking.
We try to do our best to make the order process as fast as possible. Therefore, after a request for a reservation a professional has exactly a day to confirm or cancel the reservation. If the photographer does not respond within 24 hours - the service Framewhere automatically cancels the reservation and deactivates the photographer's profile in the further search. Use the search and try to find another professional.
All calculations occur only and directly between the customer and the professional. The form of payment is agreed at the meeting or through other communication channels, including the Framewhere chat.
We make an effort to ensure that the details specified by the professional correspond to reality. On Framewhere, each photographer has a rating that helps to evaluate the quality of services rendered to clients in the past. Fulfillment of the order gives the client an opportunity to leave his assessment and comment, which will affect the results of the photographer's portfolio in the search. If you want to complain about a professional - write to us at
After the booking, you will have an opportunity to write a professional in the chat and discuss all the details regarding the upcoming shooting.
If you have difficulty in meeting the agreed conditions after booking - please write to the professional in our chat. You can ask to change the reservation date or cancel the reservation.
You can do several things: see the status of the order, write to a professional and receive the materials after the shooting in your personal Profile, which is located at:
As soon as the professional prepares the materials and uploads them to our service - we will immediately send you a notification about this, you can view and download them at by selecting the required reservation.
Please try to negotiate with the professional about the reimbursement of the resources you spent. After the shooting you also have an opportunity to rate the professional. Please have in mind that the professionals will try to provide you with the best quality services.
Framewhere is currently focused on Polish market and neighboring countries. We are working hard to make the service global.
Work on the service began in March 2017, in May the first beta version was published and in July 2017 the service became available for everyone. We work hard on our service and do our best to provide comfort and stability, as well as regularly introduce new functions.
We are working hard to provide our customers with the most convenient and affordable solution, but if you encounter any error or malfunction of the service, please let us know here Report a bug and we will fix it.
For professionals
Yes. We do not foresee any restrictions on the number of portfolios or the amount of work you spend on each of them.
Framewhere allows you to post your portfolio, send photos, use albums and other functions for free. We set a limit only on the number of orders a professional can realise per month. In the basic plan, each professional has 1 free order per month. After receiving the free order, your portfolio will still be displayed in the search results, your portfolio will not be blocked. However, if you receive another order in less than a month, you will be offered to increase your tariff plan and after that you will be able to process the given order. It means that Framewhere takes payment only if we help you to find a client.
We provide 3 packages for our users:
1. Basic - 1 order per month
2. Professional - 10 orders per month
3. Premium - no limits on orders
All changes concerning the profile of a photographer / videographer are made in the personal account of the professional - "Dashboard", which is located at: There you can manage the list of your portfolios, change the price, add or delete photos, manage orders and communicate with customers.
To add your portfolio, you just need to register a photographer's profile at Specify your name and surname, the categories in which you work and where you are. After successful registration you will be asked to upload your portfolio.
In order for your portfolio to appear in search results, you must follow two simple rules:
1. Upload at least 5 photos for a photo category or 3 videos for a video category.
2. Indicate the price per hour for your work.
Go to your professional cabinet - "Dashboard" ( and in the left menu select "Edit portfolio list".
You can both add and delete unnecessary portfolios by simply adding or removing a checkmark next to the desired item.
Go to your professional cabinet - "Dashboard" ( and in the left menu select the desired category where you want to add photos, then click "Add photos" -> "Add files" -> "Start upload". After that, your photos will be uploaded to your portfolio.
Go to your professional cabinet - "Dashboard" ( and in the left menu select the desired category where you want to add the video, then click the "Add" button and add a link to the video from YouTube *.

* - We will soon add possibility to add videos from other services
Price is the key criterion when choosing a professional for the client and is a prerequisite for adding your portfolio. Therefore, please indicate the real price of the cost for one hour of your work.
To see your professional profile go to your cabinet - "Dashboard" ( and in the upper right corner select "Show my profile"
Go to your professional cabinet - "Dashboard" ( and in the upper right corner select "Edit my profile"
You can create packages for each of your portfolios *, in which you can specify more detailed information and what is included in the package. You can also specify the price **. To do this, enter your professional cabinet - "Dashboard" ( and in the left menu select the category where you want to add the package, then click "Add package" and specify all the necessary information.

* - at the moment, packages can be added only in photo categories
** - the price of the package does not affect the price for the hour indicated in your portfolio and is mandatory
1. Read the details of the order. To do this, go to your professional cabinet - "Dashboard" ( and select "Orders" in the left menu. Select the new order and click "More" button.
2. Read the details of the order, if necessary, specify the details with the client via the Framewhere chat.
3. Confirm or reject the order in the upper left corner of the page *
4. After the confirmation of the order, meet with the client for shooting.
5. Upload the materials for the customer in the order page.

* - when you receive a new order from a client you have 24 hours to confirm or reject the order, otherwise it will be automatically rejected and the client will receive a notification.
Add attractive photos to your portfolio, specify the price that is competitive with other offers on the service. Track the statistics of visits to your portfolio.
Our service provides statistics of views for each portfolio on the website. To view and study it, navigate to your professional cabinet - "Dashboard" ( and in the left menu select "Statistics".
You have to agree with the client about payment in person, having preliminary specified the form of payment and the amount. Service Framewhere currently does not provide a possibility to receive payments for photo or video shooting, but we are working on this.
No. We conduct a moderation of the materials uploaded to our website and if we spotlight violations, we reserve the right to remove such works. More details of the terms and conditions can be found here:
You have the right to add any price for an hour of your work that you want, but if the client sees a discrepancy in the price they have a right to unfavourably rate your profile.
We provide a full ordering cycle of your services from the first contact to the transfer of prepared files. After each successful transaction the client has the right to rate your performance which can influence the further positioning in the search results both positively and negatively.
Still have questions? Write to us